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Black Toilet Paper

Black in Back: How to find the best black toilet paper.

by JC Spears

Sometime in the 1980s, when wolves ran rabid up and down Wall Street, AC/DC was soaring high on Back in Black, and Max Headroom was beaming onto our television sets, a dastardly conspiracy was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. One of our most colorful activities (bathroom time) was subject to an unnecessary purging known as: The bleaching. (Okay, I may have made up that term.)

Yes I'm talking about toilet paper, loo rolls, bum wads, bog rolls, and (according to Reddit) spoof. You see, starting in the 1950s, post-war people were rebuilding their homes in new and modern design styles.

These new styles were chock-full of color. You might remember your grandmother's bathroom. you might remember the bright colors and the soft pastels. And as anyone who lived through that era can tell you, the color coordination did not stop at the pink bathtub, the sea-green toilet, or the bright blue sink.

Color coordinating the rest of the bathroom with the major fixtures was considered part of the fun. This included towels, mat’s, curtains, wallpaper, paint, cabinets and toilet paper.

And if you think about it, it’s not terribly surprising. This is a time when rural American was still transitioning from actual outhouses to indoor facilities. Of course, they would design it to be as true to their vision of their home as possible, wouldn’t you?

But as time passed, real estate agents convinced us that a boring dystopia of beige and white was the best way to maintain our home value. the demand for colored toilet paper slowly but surely evaporated.

Note** I have no evidence that the national association of realtors conspired to bleach your toilet paper. However, it’s fun to imagine.

The Unbleaching of our Bathrooms.

Things may have continued on in this boring dystopia for another few decades (except in France where they have a strange and lasting love of pink toilet paper) if not for this new invention called social media.

If comparing ourselves to our literal neighbors wasn't enough to get our bathrooms in Tip-Top shape competing with a new class of all too perfect insta-neighbors changed the game entirely.

In 2013 the Portuguese company Renova released their first line of luxury black toilet paper to immediate applause. You might be asking yourself, how popular could a new brand of toilet paper actually be? As it turns out, it was popular enough to receive a full write-up in the New York Times as one of the season's hottest commodities.

Since then a number of celebrities and influencers, most notably Kendall Jenner and Simon Cowell, have talked about how much they prefer black toilet paper in their bathrooms. It adds a sense of intention, luxury, and contrast to a space that white toilet paper simply doesn't.

How to Use Black Toilet Paper

Black toilet paper can serve as an incredibly effective anchor to your bathroom design scheme. This is especially true with modern industrial elements that benefit from increased shadow and contrast.

So if you're already looking at nickel, copper, wood, or concrete elements in your bathroom design, then consider black toilet paper to add that extra bit of style to your already outstanding design.

The Buying Black Hole

Sadly, black toilet paper is not yet as popular as it should be. So in this guide, we've found the top places where you can buy real, black toilet paper. *Spoiler Alert* Most of these links are ways to buy that Renova brand of black toilet paper. There were no other competing providers to be found online.

However if you are more cost-conscious than the $16 a pack you'll pay on Amazon, we've also included a way for you to order your very own large supply of black toilet paper at a significant cost savings if you're willing to put in a little bit of work.

Note** We searched far and wide to find black toilet paper for sale and found very few. The following links are nearly everything we could find, and run the range from affordable to expensive. Please buy it with care.

Option #1: Renova Direct

Starting with the source. We first found black toilet paper for sale from the world’s foremost manufacturer, Renova. Based in Portugal, Renova does offer direct purchasing and shipping to the United States. The only real downside is the tremendous shipping costs. This may be a better choice for you if you live in Europe.

  • Unit Size: 6 rolls

  • Price per pack: 7.95 € (~9.00 USD)

  • Shipping: 7.95 € (~30.00 USD)

  • Shipping Time: 4-9 business days

Going #2: The Amazons

Rather than open their own US warehouse, it seems Renova has simply opened an Amazon store to sell its products in the USA. Two separate entries (one from an independent seller) provide easy options for TP shopping with free shipping for Prime members.

  1. Black Toilet Paper 6-pack by Renova

  2. 3-Pack of Black Toilet Paper by Ahomate


  • Unit Size: 6 rolls and 3 rolls respectively

  • Price per pack:

  • Shipping: Free (Yeah Amazon!)

  • Shipping Time: ~Two weeks (faster for Amazon Prime members)

Order your own custom Black Toilet Paper from

Sure, this may be more than you bargained for when shopping for black toilet paper. But it may be the only way to get luxurious black toilet paper into your home, in high quantity, at an affordable price.

For those of you that may have never heard of, they are effectively the Etsy of large Chinese manufacturers. If you search across the website, you can find dozens of retailers with the ability to create custom tp rolls for your loo.

Normally, these companies require between 500 and 50,000 rolls as a minimum order, (it costs a lot to run the machines), but we found a company with a minimum order of only 10 rolls. That means you could have 20 rolls shipped to your home for as little as $12+shipping.

Now ordering this way is substantially more involved than going to your local grocery store, but if you take your time, and follow a good basic guide, you’ll soon have fresh rolls of midnight black toilet paper coming out of your ears.

In the end

So obviously black toilet paper isn’t a do-or-die item on anybody’s list. But like other types of custom or luxury toilet paper. A simple black roll can do so much to give your porcelain throne a black knight of its own.